The more I talked to this simple, humble, and beautiful woman, who didn’t often give interviews to the media, the more I wanted to respect her and listen to her. Get to know his world.

-Did you like to design since you were a child? When did you enter the fashion world?

Ever since I was a child, I used to look at the beautiful, fashionable clothes that people wore, and I wondered what kind of clothes they were and how they were made. I used to think a lot about clothes (laughs). The student even liked to try on different styles of clothes, imagining how to change them. Driven by his curiosity, he collected fashion pictures from newspapers and magazines, cut them out, pasted them on the walls of his room, and painted the colorless prints. I also liked to advise my friends about clothes. In fact, my family is all fashion-conscious and fashion-loving. At the time, I didn’t expect to enter the fashion industry. However, over time, he became more and more attracted to it, and in 2012, when he first saw the opportunity to connect with the fashion world and work in this field, he officially founded the Rinchin Yesui brand in 2015.

-The name of your “Rinchin Yesui” brand is very unique. Why did you choose this name?

“My father’s name is Rinchin.” My relatives call me Jesus. My real name is Otgonlham. I gave him the name “Rinchin Jesus” because I thought it would be a little long and difficult for foreigners to call him by his real name. Including my father’s name means a lot to me. From the very beginning, he gave himself a high responsibility to carry his brand with dignity.

-How long have the Rinchin Yesui brand team been working now? Do you make clothes other than deels?

  • We currently have five employees. Although few, it is a team that has a sincere goal to produce high quality work, loves its work, has a long-term goal and works tirelessly. Of course, our team is ready to accept anyone who is interested, capable and willing to work in our team. We prefer to create attractive deels that can be worn in any country in accordance with world trends, without compromising the style of national costumes. Every time I make a deel, I feel and am proud of how luxurious it is. Compared to the past, Mongolians now wear the deel every day and at important events and events. Not only Mongolians, but also Mongolian deel embroideries are becoming more and more popular in the world. Big foreign brands are coming to our country to shoot. Mongolian deel makes any woman look beautiful. In other words, it’s a beautiful dress for a woman in any country. Therefore, I am sure that one day a world-class “OD” person will wear our Mongolian deel and walk on the red carpet. We also make wedding and fancy dresses, suits and casual wear. In the future, we aim to make our products from Mongolian raw materials such as wool, cashmere and leather.

-Your latest “LHAMOT” collection has added another color to the fashion world. Tell us about your invention.

  • The new collection is inspired by your own style. That is why it is called Lhamot. I think there will be a lot of people who like the Lhamot style. In general, I prefer to create models that highlight the feminine qualities in each collection, and not only present the models, but also distribute something good and beautiful within my collection. A portion of the profits from each collection is donated to charity. We will continue to contribute to society in our own way. -The exhibition will be held in Japan on the 22nd and 24th of this month. Why did you choose Japan? What models will be presented?

-I like Japan very much. The creativity and culture of the Japanese people are amazing. I used to live and study in Japan for a short time. I’m interested in Japanese history, culture, literature and poetry, and I like it a lot. During a visit to Japan in April, she visited World Tokyo Fashion, studied how to participate, provided information about the brand, and signed a contract to participate in the design section. He also met with a foreign model and vice president of the Japan Photographic Association and talked about working together on the next collection. He took his works to the Mongolians there and helped them to decorate them with national costumes. This year’s show features both Mongolian and Japanese styles that can be worn on a daily basis, highlighting a woman’s beauty.

  • Are you planning to do your own fashion show?
  • There have been a few offers from some foreign companies to work together and do a fashion show. But for me, I’m not a professional designer, I’m driven by my passion and I entered the fashion industry, so I don’t think it’s time to do a fashion show yet. I don’t know exactly when the time will come, but maybe one morning I’ll get up and decide, “I’ll do it.” When I first opened my own salon, I suddenly decided. I trust my instincts and like to do things when I want to.

-Your method and principles?

  • Research and plan. In general, they work with pure instinct. We work on the principle that we have to improve day by day and do more.
  • How do you come up with new ideas and designs? Some designers take new ideas from nature and add natural tones to their creations, such as water and wind. But for you?
  • I always think of new ideas because I really like fashion. I even dream. I wake up in the morning and take notes. New ideas come suddenly. It can come in anywhere, anytime. But then I take good notes and come to work. Fashion is an art and a factor in expressing us. That is why there is a great world. The new ideas of man in this world seem endless.
  • The main spirit of clothing is in the material. Where does your household choose materials?
  • In fact, before starting this work, I went to many places and studied the materials for many years. I attach great importance to the material. You are right. Material is the soul of fashion. High-quality luxury materials are durable, do not adversely affect health and are comfortable for the human body. We choose such materials. Foreign tourists come to us and are very surprised and applaud our material.

-What principles do you follow in your life?

  • I try to be as kind as possible. Whoever is kind is valued, respected, and loved. I believe that “the right idea is the right destiny.”
  • What would you like to say to young people studying and working in the field of fashion?
  • Understand that making clothes that people like is not an easy task. You need to find out if you have a talent. And don’t imitate someone, don’t use other people’s intellectual property without permission, of course you can get ideas. But you need to be more creative and innovative. There is a fire inside everyone. You need to find it and understand it. When you find an internal fire, people say, “You can’t,” but they can. The most important thing is to understand your true desires, to be able to put them into practice, and not to give up.

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